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A few useful files for you to download.   To save a file, right click on it's name in the first column, and choose "save as" or "save target as".

Name Type Opens With Size About
Blank Book 01 .pub Microsoft Publisher 71.5kb A blank 8 page book for making social stories and other books.
Printing instructions*:
1. Print pages 1 and 8 (1,8).
2. Feed the paper back in to the printer, without turning or flipping it.
3. Print pages 7 and 2 (7,2), that page is now done.
4. Print pages 3 and 6 (3,6) on a fresh sheet of paper.
5. Feed the paper back in to the printer, without turning or flipping it.
6. Print pages 5 and 4 (5,4).   Now make your book!
Blank Book 02 .pub Microsoft Publisher 69.5kb A blank 4 page book for making shorter stories
Printing instructions*:
1. Print pages 1 and 4 (1,4).
2. Feed the paper back in to the printer, without turning or flipping it.
3. Print pages 3 and 2 (3,2), book done!
Targetty Thing
.pub Microsoft Publisher 446kb The workbook for The Targetty Thing.   I've left the rules in place from my last session, but have removed all the photos and names.   Where there is a camera on a grey box, you need to add a photo in the same size as the grey box.   Delete the box and camera before adding each photo.
Targetty Thing
.pub Microsoft Publisher 560kb The puppets for The Targetty Thing.   You'll need to copy the photos from your workbook onto the second page, I've left mine in place so you can see roughly what size to make them.   Print the puppets, cut them out, laminate them, cut the laminate to size then add sticks to the back with sellotape.   Add a dot of velcro to the face.   Then cut the heads out and laminate them, trim the laminate and add velcro.   The final page is the 'rules' for the board, these need to match what you have in the workbook.
Resistive Eating in Autism .pdf Adobe Reader 359kb Some thoughts on the reasons behind resistive eating in autism.
Sensory Screening Tool (Word)

Sensory Screening Tool (Adobe)

Microsoft Word

Adobe Reader

Takes a look at sensory processing.
Behaviour Support Plan
.doc Microsoft Word 43kb A blank traffic light type behaviour support plan.
VS&B Presentation Handout .pdf Adobe Readrer 7mb Save paper (and trees) by using an electronic handout when attending one of my visual supports talks.

Printing Books
All printing instructions are based on my cheap (£40) colour inkjet printer.

*Printing books:
1. Press the Ctrl and P keys at the same time to bring up the print dialogue window.
2. In the Page range area, click the Pages radio button then enter the pages in the box next to it.
3. Click print!
Me waffling on about filling in a Sensory Screening Tool, I did it in one take with no prep so sorry if it doen't flow well!