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Selecting the correct font for your support is very important.   You may need to make the words very easy to read, or they may need to fit in with a theme.   Sometimes I empasise different parts of a support by using different fonts.   Other times the title or heading of the support may be in a font that fits the theme, with the contents of the support in a much easier to read font.

I also pay attention to font size and colour.   Size can add emphasis, allow the support to be read from further away and separate out sections.   Colour can also draw attention, separate different parts of the support, fit a theme or simply just make it look good!

Hopefully, as you've browsed through examples of my supports in The What section of this website, you noticed how I've used fonts.   The correct font adds to the 'authenticity' of the support, making it real or 'official' in the eyes of the child.   Finding a font in the first place is the hardest bit, I don't ever buy fonts, I find free versions, there are plenty of these available to legally download out there.   Installing is the easy part, once you know how.