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Fonts | Finding | Downloading | Installing

Installing fonts is easy.   Its astoundingly easy in Windows Vista and 7, but XP is not far behind.
Installing a font in Windows 7 and Vista:

1. Right click on the font and select install.

2. The font will install.

3. There isn't a 3 as it really is that easy!   If you really want a 3, it can be to delete the downloaded font.   The install process copied it into your fonts folder in Windows, you don't need the downloaded file anymore.
Install font Windows 7
Installing a font in Windows XP and below:

In the windows folder of the C: drive of your computer is a folder called fonts.   Copy the font you have downloaded into that folder.   You should see a little installing box pop up briefly after you copy it.   Job done.

The folder path is C:\windows\fonts

If the font you downloaded is in a Zip file, you need to export (drag) it out onto the desktop or your My Documents folder first.   You can't install a font directly from a Zip file.

You must download the font to your desktop or My Documents folder before installing it, you cannot install by downloading directly to your fonts folder in C:\windows.

If you see a blue screen warning you about entering the windows folder, click on show the contents of this folder to continue.
My Computer (XP) Fonts folder