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Sometimes a group or suite of visual supports can be more effective than a single support.   This may be a schedule with a reward chart to help the child to follow the schedule, or maybe a story book explaining how to follow a schedule.

You may have a 'schedule within a schedule', either as one page or two linked together.   An example of this may be an after tea schedule or routine, with a separate schedule for more complicated sections such as using the toilet.

It may be a morning routine with a separate section detailing what should be in the child's school bag.   The sub-schedule may be incorporated into the main one (as demonstrated on the right), or entirely separate and displayed in the place where it will be used, such at the toilet.   In this case, the main schedule may well indicate that the second one is to be used.

You may have to make a smaller version of a support so that it is portable, in a pocket or handbag, or maybe a part of a support needs to go out and about with the child to act as a prompt or reminder.

Sometimes, when an initial support has been successful, you may wish to build on it's success by adding more components or evolving it.   In this case, the suite is built up over time, adapting to meet the changing needs of a growing, maturing and learning child.

Its also worth mentioning siblings again here.