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This is a schedule and reward chart in one.   It may look complicated but its fairly easy to use.   The day is divided into three, with ticks or crosses applied as the schedule is followed or not.   If a section is completed successfully, a character from the film tells you "well done".   At the end of the day, the police car gives you marks out of three, and at the end of the week this is added up and turned into pocket money or a prearranged reward.

The home day schedule offers opportunities to choose activities, allowing choice, flexibility and variety.   In this case, we didn't add the police car reward component to the home day schedule to take the pressure off.   We added this back in on weekdays in the holidays to keep the momentum going for the child.

It was all made in Publisher, with desktop wallpapers from Google as the backgrounds.   I 'watermarked' the background on the schedule to allow the symbols to stand out more.   This one involved a lot of cutting out, laminating and oodles of velcro!
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