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A social video is like a social story, except that instead of a story its a video!   These are very good for those who need a little extra predictability, or struggle to understand a written story.   You can be as creative as you like, roping people in as actors etc.   Be careful not to accidently record confidential data or security door codes etc.   A social video is best shot from a first person, 'child's-eye' view.

The video below was made using an ordinary digital camera (not a video one) and put together on Windows Movie Maker, which comes free with all Windows PCs.   The Windows Vista/7 version is not as good as the XP version, but it does the job.   You can then make a DVD using Windows DVD Maker which comes free with Windows Vista and 7.

In extreme cases where simple transitioning is very difficult, such as from classroom to dinner hall, a video of the transition happening from the first person view could be made and put on a portable device (such as an iPhone), and then shown to the child before each transition, to allow them to process and plan what is about to happen.   Such a video is liable to be short, so time to view it could be factored in to the child's timetable at the end of an activity.   The portable device means that it can be brought to the child, avoiding a transition to where the video is!

This video shows a visit to the Salt Way Centre to see a community nurse.   As well as social situations, you can use them for learning new skills, such as getting on the bus and paying the driver or visiting a shop.   You will need to gain the permission of anyone who appears in your video, planned or not!