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Reward Chart
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Reward charts are a way of motivating a child to achieve a goal.   This can be short term, such as toilet training, or longer term such a supporting positive behaviour.

Many children earn pocket money or other treats through good behaviour or doing household chores.   Reward charts serve as a visual reminder of this and let them know where they are in relation to their goal.

If your child has a specific interest, such as Thomas or Peppa, then a reward chart themed for their interest will provide motivation.   If you understand how their mind works and what it is about their special interest that they love, then maybe you can create a chart that is so motivational that just interacting with it is a reward in itself.

When I looked through my library of visual supports, there weren't that many reward charts.   This is because most of my reward charts are combined with other supports such as schedules or books.   Sometimes you have to be really specific with children with autism as to what you are rewarding!

Saying that, I have done a few and will add more to the site over time.