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The Targetty Thing
The Targetty Thing | Workbook | Puppets | Board
This is The Targetty Thing workbook.   Designed with the individual child in mind, the rules for each group of people are then replicated on the board.   When coming up with the rules, its tempting to 'over think' them and make it far too complicated.   Look at the target behaviour(s), such as talking to strangers, then come up with some basic rules that will solve the problem.

Once the basics have been established and the target behaviour has been dealt with, you can start to introduce some of the more complicated scenarios at a pace the child can manage, or as and when they arise.   You may wish to create new workbook pages with the child in response to or in anticipation of these scenarios.

By doing this, you give the child the concept of 'groups of people I don't know the rules for'.   You can even give this concept a label, such as 'people not in the book yet' so you can refer to it when out.   As long as the child understands the rules for this situation (I ask mummy what I can and can't do and when we get home mummy explains why and we make a page for my book) then you have effectively dealt with future, unforseen scenarios.

You can download a blank Targetty Thing workbook from the downloads page.